Ariba Tasnim

The King’s Roots | Kingston, ON

Ariba Tasnim is a teacher candidate in the Queens University Consecutive B.Ed. program. Born and raised in Toronto, Ariba always had a disconcerting feeling of losing touch with the natural world and did not fully realize how important it was to become involved in protecting our planet. During her final year of undergrad at York University, Glendon, Ariba was the Co-President of Glendon's Regenesis Chapter, which involved her in many eco-initiatives. Her time as Co-President helped her to realize the need of creating eco-awareness for city folk. In her pastime, Ariba enjoys hobbies that include reading, hiking, playing guitar, and singing!

About the Project

The King’s Roots project will begin by initiating outdoor workshops where youth would be able to participate in many workshops that involve gardening, zero waste initiatives, compost piles, nature hikes, and tree planting. The King’s Roots project seeks to create a series of workshops that may include information sites that can provide lessons to youth on how to reuse materials that are typically thrown away. Ariba hopes that these activities will activate public spaces and help create an environment of eco-awareness which will inspire youth and other members of the community to participate in reducing their carbon footprint.