Armi De Francia

Centering Race, Gender, and Disability in Active Transportation | Ajax, ON

Armi is a Registered Professional Planner who actively strives towards equitable outcomes in mobility and challenges misperceptions about who can benefit from active transportation. Her passion stems from growing up in Durham Region where she experienced isolation and limitations to accessing opportunities from having few mobility options. As the Active Transportation Coordinator at the Town of Ajax, Armi coordinates the development and implementation of policies, programs, studies and initiatives related to active transportation. Outside of her public sector role, Armi organized numerous events before and during the pandemic raising awareness on racial equity in transportation.

About the Project

While Ajax is commonly perceived as a car-centric municipality, many residents, including racialized women and people with disabilities, expressed a need and desire for other mobility options. #GetAjaxMoving is an annual campaign that increases awareness of transportation options and municipal efforts to enable sustainable transportation. This year, #GetAjaxMoving aims to leverage community assets by collaborating with community leaders. Building on this campaign, this project serves to increase momentum for biking and improve driving behaviours through a Women of Colour Bike Ride, and a Driver Safety Awareness Campaign centering pedestrians with disabilities.