Balu Kanagalingam Headshot

Balu Kanagalingam

100 CNFSSNS | Toronto, Ontario

Balu Kanagalingam is a rogue community worker who has previously worked with Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Arts & Culture City of Toronto, and Ontario Health Network. To Balu, home has always been a main topic in his life, especially coming from stolen land and settling on stolen land.

About the Project

100 CNFSSNS is a brave and compassionate space where Black, Indigenous, and racialized men can witness each other honestly. 100 men will be invited to read out loud another man’s confession in a brave and compassionate space.

A confession is not only an expression of remorse about the past, but it is also a hope for the future. This project is about taking accountability through storytelling. We hope that through open and truthful disclosure we can come closer to terms with some of our beliefs and behaviours that may have caused ourselves and others harm.