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Benjamin Wright

Welcome: Activating Public Foyers Through Comfort and Accessibility | Ottawa, Ontario

Ben is a fourth year Industrial Design student at Carleton University. His project focuses on innovation and sustainability in design and manufacturing. As the design industry grows, there is a renewed emphasis on community and placemaking where often times individuals are expected to meet their spaces as they are, rather than rising to meet their needs. Ben is passionate about the third places that form the foundation of our safe and equitable communities. He believes that our spaces should be consciously designed with empathy for the human needs of our growing communities.

About the Project

“Welcome” - is an Ottawa-based social initiative focused on the activation of foyers and entrance spaces. These areas are fluid and must meet a wide range of needs between users. They are the first space someone enters and the last one they leave. The current foyers of the Rideau Community Hub are passive and do not encourage users to engage, therefore, he sees an opportunity for these spaces, not only to be welcoming, but useful tools for all members of the community. Activating these spaces through comfort and accessibility encourages socialization and civic exploration within the greater community.