Bee Leff

Humans of Transit | Windsor, ON

Bee Zelda is a 31-year-old, nonbinary, biracial, and queer Canadian who is passionate about social justice and community management. Bee has been managing communities online in the gaming and tabletop (Dungeons & Dragons) spaces for over 5 years. Using social media, podcasting, and YouTube as engagement platforms, Bee would like to take these skills and experiences and bring them to Windsor. Bee believes that if she can oversee an international space of over 100K online, she confidently knows she can help create community engagement and civic pride for their city.

About the Project

Humans of Transit aims to get the community excited about using transit within the Windsor-Essex community. Many people have questions and concerns about transit but do not know what resources are available. Bee wants to share “how to’s” on taking public transit in Windsor. With their project, Bee is hoping to assist and address safety concerns around transit as a visible and queer person of colour. Bee would like to enhance civic engagement by fostering social inclusion online and in person. Using online platforms, Bee will work to release a series of videos and tips and answer questions, while in-person events will be created to encourage civic conversations about transit and its impact on our city.