Cheryl Lui

Markham Pollinator Pathway | Markham, Ontario

As an avid conservationist and gardener, Cheryl enjoys spending lots of time outdoors. Some people even call her the "crazy plant lady" and the "crazy butterfly lady"! Cheryl has a particular interest in preserving endangered species, specifically the monarch butterfly population. Over the past two years, she has raised and released over 75 monarch butterflies. She believes that nature has a lot to offer, and that we can all learn to appreciate it in different ways. It can be fun, therapeutic and relaxing.

About the Project

This exciting project aims to create a habitat for pollinators (e.g. bees, butterflies and hummingbirds) as well as a space for humans to enjoy. As you stroll along this pathway, you will be immersed in pollinator plants and will also have a chance to learn how the plants are beneficial to the pollinator population. Hopefully this will inspire you to incorporate these important and beautiful pollinator plants in your own home, whether it be in your balcony or backyard.