Erin Hayward

Revitalizing Our Sustenance Project (ROSP) | Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

Erin Hayward (Kwe Ekoowaandang Beka Minidoowaabo) is an urban Indigenous Kwe, born and raised in Scarborough Ontario. She is Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) on her paternal side and mixed European (Irish, British & German) maternally. Erin is traditionally from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory (Her paternal grandfather was placed in foster care during the residential school era). Erin is passionate about Indigenous science, Kanyen’keha (The Mohawk Language), hunting, fishing, and tending to Haudenosaunee seed and community relationships. Erin is only one of the core members of Revitalizing our Sustenance project.

About the Project

Revitalizing Our Sustenance Project (ROSP) is an Indigenous youth led program that provides Indigenous youth opportunities to learn about the importance of sustainable Haudenosaunee focused agricultural practices, while feeding our community! We strive to revitalize our relationships to food, community, and the land. Revitalizing Our Sustenance Project is strengthening Indigenous community relations, language learning, Haudenosaunee identity, and establishing healthier outlets for Indigenous youth. Check us out on our website