Francess Dunhann

YEES (Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Support) | Kitchener, ON

Francess Dunhann is a 29-year-old graduate of York University with a BA Honours degree in Human Rights and Equity Studies. Francess is also the CEO for Hope for Community Development, a youth-led not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2018 to respond to the needs of marginalized children, youth, women, seniors, families, and communities. Francess’ organization seeks to impact sustainable change through education, social advancement, and permanent learning prospects. Through her lived experience, Francess’ passions have now been entrenched in youth support, equity, diversity policy, and community development. She aims to ensure that youth engage in positive life-changing activities as early as possible to prevent participating in unlawful employment.

About the Project

YEES is designed as a youth employment and entrepreneurship support program. This project is committed to promoting employment/entrepreneurship and breaking the cycle of unlawful employment by offering means through raising awareness, this will include providing culturally relevant mentorship, education, information literacy, and training to prevent participation in unlawful employment activities that lead to victimization and endangerment. Facilitating workshops, as well as campaigns to help at-risk youth engage in positive life activities, break systemic barriers, and contribute positively to society.
In addition to this, Francess will continue to assist youth in finding legal good-paying jobs by engaging with companies that will hire them.