Grant Neegan

Community Connections | Sudbury, ON

Grant Neegan is a Visual Artist who has dedicated a great deal of time to refining his artistic abilities. Working predominantly in oil paint and charcoal, Grant’s work expresses themes of realism and fantasy through the utilization of contemporary stylistic techniques. Having graduated from the Fine Art & Design Fundamentals program at Cambrian College, Grant is working hard towards making a name for himself in Sudbury’s artistic community.

About the Project

The Community Connections project will be designed to accommodate outdoor sessions that will cater to individuals of all ages. Workshops will offer materials that will help familiarize participants with the tools and paints that will allow myself the opportunity to instruct, guide, and facilitate support for those that are shy or new to art. Although these sessions will be structured, the real goal is to promote creativity, encourage participation, and foster relationships with the community. From the sessions, the participants will contribute concepts, drawings, or their paintings to design the mural.