Helen Chen Headshot

Helen Chen

Culture Connect: Building Intergenerational Bridges | Scarborough, Ontario

Helen Chen is a recent Toronto Metropolitan University graduate from Scarborough with a background in community organizing, program facilitation, and youth engagement. She is passionate about creating opportunities for people to get involved with helping their own communities become more open and inclusive spaces. In the past, she has worked with the Chinese Canadian National Council, Toronto Metropolitan University’s academic accommodation services, and is currently a core committee member of Scarborough Youth United, a youth-led grassroots collective seeking to support east and southeast Asian youth in addressing their core community concerns.

About the Project

Culture Connect: Building Intergenerational Bridges is an initiative by Scarborough Youth United (SYU) that aims to tackle intergenerational disconnect among diaspora youth and seniors in Scarborough, through honest knowledge-sharing conversations held in a safe space. This will take the form of 2 block parties in the park this summer featuring a conversational game centered around community mental health, as well as activities, food, and other forms of community-building.