Igor Samardzic Headshot

Igor Samardzic

Access Unbound: Disability in Public Spaces | Toronto, Ontario

Igor is a member and co-founder of several nonprofit boards, reflecting his deep commitment to community work. His persistent efforts focus on the creation of a more accessible, equitable and livable city for all.

About the Project

This project strategically positions disability in public spaces, serving as a catalyst for public education and awareness about the experiences of people with disabilities. The vivid displays similar to an outdoor art gallery will punctuate our societal presence, asserting our visibility and right to space. Igor's objective is to ensure that accessibility considerations remain at the forefront of public consciousness, enhancing civic engagement, activating public space, and fostering social inclusion.

Igor imagines public spaces that reflect the stories and lived experience of people with disabilities, thereby acquainting the wider public, particularly able-bodied individuals, with our needs and narratives.