Jessica Amponsah

OURTARIO | Toronto, Ontario

Jessica is a 27-year-old Medical Esthetician and entrepreneur with a passion for all things health, beauty and skin care. She has been in this field for about 7 years now and she loves treating, sharing information, and building meaningful relationships with her clients. When she is not working at her treatment room, she likes to explore and engage in activities outside of her comfort zone. If anybody is participating in activities like glow in the dark paint parties, discovering trails, horseback riding and cherry picking, count her in!

About the Project

OURTARIO is a female, Black-led initiative that leads a variety of excursions, activities and outings centred around exploring and utilizing Toronto’s and Ontario’s public spaces beyond our comfort zone. This project seeks to primarily serve women and men from priority neighbourhoods from all backgrounds to explore and experience Ontario like never before with a supportive community of like-minded people. The City of Toronto and Ontario is full of amazing trails, farms, parks, waterfalls, beaches and other activities that is open to everyone. Our goal is to expand the social experience and social inclusion of the target audience beyond the common experiences of schools, malls, parties, and such. We want participants to get to know Ontario through experience and exploration to increase social inclusion, mental and emotional health and instill pride as a resident of Ontario.