Kaitlyn Dwyer

READ (Rewarding Experiences, Adventures & Discoveries) | Windsor, Ontario

Kaitlyn Dwyer is a teacher, youth leader, creator and avid reader from Windsor, Ontario. From a very young age, she has always loved books. Over the course of working at different schools in the city, Kaitlyn saw that fewer children were taking an interest in reading. Her goal is to make books more accessible to children in lower income neighborhoods so that everyone can fall in love with reading. Some of her hobbies include painting, photography, exploring nature and playing broomball.

About the Project

Project READ (Rewarding Experiences, Adventures & Discoveries), will give children living in low-income areas access to free books through Free Book Fairs held at schools located in neighbourhoods deemed at risk. By having books readily available for them in their homes, Kaitlyn aims to get more kids to enjoy reading.