Karenveer Pannu

Co-Creating the Future of Community Food Spaces | Toronto, ON

Karenveer is a longtime resident of the GTA and brings with her a deep understanding of community. Karenveer received her BA from the University of Toronto, where she double majored in political science and diaspora studies and minored in English. She is in the process of completing her M.Ed at OISE (University of Toronto), where she is studying curriculum and pedagogy. Karenveer is passionate about liberatory education and knowledge building processes grounded within community.

About the Project

The Co-Creating the Future of Community Food Spaces project will engage community members by inviting them to reimagine a vital community service – the community food bank. Many community food banks, due to COVID-19, have had to move programming into public spaces. Reflecting on these experiences and leading community members through an engaging participatory design journey, this project will ask community members to reimagine food banks as public spaces, and brainstorm new possibilities for how the service and space are designed. These contributions will then be used to develop key service principles that promote accessibility, dignity, empowerment and social connectedness.