Loretta Amponsah

We Care 4 U | Brampton, Ontario

Loretta is a 30-year old grassroots communications advocate and liaison for refugees, immigrants and newcomers. Her work with newcomers reflects her passion and experience to ensure that newcomers engage socially and feel included in Ontario as early as possible. Loretta has been doing this work informally over the past 10 years with communities such as Toronto Community Housing and Brong-Ahafo (Ghana) Association. Over the years she has led and participated in newcomer social inclusion activities such as initiating events, site seeing, cultural showcasing, culturally based businesses and attending meetings.

About the Project

We Care 4 U helps Afro-Caribbean newcomers become socially engaged within and outside their core communities by providing the tools for support to make them feel empowered. The project has identified that many newcomers and refugees have unique internal needs such as PSTD, Separation from family, fear of deportation. The project aims to increase the social inclusion and engagement of newcomers and refugees by providing a series of training and events that address the internal barriers that prevent them from engaging in society with ease. It will also host a series of immersion events centered around culturally specific themes. The pillars to inclusive communication will be around activities such as self-image, cultural mapping, mental health and emotional intelligence.