Happie Edwards Headshot

Micha Happie Edwards

Food for Joy: Promoting Well-being and Inclusion in Little Jamaica | Toronto, Ontario

Happie is a self-taught Tkaronto-based Poet, Personal Growth Chef, and Speaker from rural Jamaica. Trained at Ontario's premier culinary school, Micha spent a decade empowering people through food, fostering joy and nourishment. As the founder of HAPPIE, a company nurturing well-being and self-worth, Micha guides vision-driven entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators in aligning their food relationships for optimal living. Raised by a diabetic mother and having experienced his own gut health issues, Micha understands how lifestyle profoundly affects well-being. Seeking natural approaches to eating and healing, Micha shares wisdom to create a brighter world where individuals embrace their uniqueness without shame.

About the Project

Happie Inner Quest, led by Micha Edwards, is a transformative community healing program that supports BIPOC individuals' joy and mental well-being. Through playful food conversations, participants explore their relationship with food, culture, and identity, fostering connection and community.
Recognizing the necessity of joy, self-expression, and ease. Participants engage in transformative conversations, healing and building confidence while developing a balanced relationship with food and identity. Participants collectively address challenges and triumphs, fostering unity and shared purpose.
Promoting joy, mental well-being, and social inclusion, Happie Inner Quest uses food to uplift and strengthen individuals, fostering connection and belonging in the wider community.