Mikael Khalam

Taking Kids Out of Poverty | Toronto, ON

Mikael is committed to bridging the worlds of advocacy with community development and has a passion for ensuring marginalized people and communities have an equitable pathway to success. Mikael's experience working, interning, and volunteering with many diverse organizations has allowed him to engage extensively with community groups, community health centres, public health staff, and municipal representatives in various socioeconomic and culturally diverse communities. As a master’s student in the Adult Education and Community Development program at OISE – University of Toronto, Mikael has been fortunate to increase his theoretical skills of engaging with racialized communities from an anti-oppression framework.

About the Project

Taking Kids Out of Poverty (TKOP) is a non-profit organization that takes a holistic approach to support youth from low-income communities through education, soccer, and mentorship. TKOP aims to transform the lives of underprivileged youth by providing them with a combination of mentorship and sports training that uniquely develops them into future leaders who will influence positive change in their communities.
TKOP also provides kids and youth a consistent place where they find joy, friendship, and value regardless of their cultural background, financial means, or physical ability.
The project's values are centred around character development, community engagement, education, and anti-violence.