Mitchell House

Expanding Active Transportation Connectivity for Tanglewood | Ottawa, Ontario

Mitchell House is an excited environmentalist, stemming from a background in Scouting and Environmental Engineering. He currently lives in the Tanglewood community in Ottawa and represents the community association on items related to environmental stewardship and sustainability. His engineering background alongside his personable attitude and experience working on public projects contribute to the vision of working to address challenges related to environmental sustainability.

About the Project

The project Mitchell will be exploring is finding ways to enhance the pedestrian experience and connect his community to amenities and transportation routes through walking, cycling and enhanced public realm space. Fast moving car traffic on all surrounding major streets make it unsafe for active transportation, and the lack of shade, public art, reliable public transportation and pedestrian-scale infrastructure result in a car-dependent lifestyle for many residents. Mitchell will be looking to improve conditions that make active transportation options more attractive for community residents.