Moka Dawkins

T-Time Love Box | Toronto, Ontario

Moka is a Black & Indigenous Trans Freedom Fighter, who was racially and discriminatively victimized by the Toronto police and Ontario's provincial and federal judicial systems back in 2015. After nearly 5 years of incarcerated activism, Moka in her regained freedom continues to fight against tragic realities of injustices faced by Black Trans/Queer/Non-Binary communities. With current societal issues of BIPOC Trans/LGBTQ2S+ violence on the rise, Moka's mission is to get recognition and awareness to these realities of black discrimination, racial & gender identity, prejudice along with the causing associating progression of Black Genetic Generational Trauma. Moka’s accomplishments in her advocacy for Trans prison reforms lead her into a life of humanitarian community activism. Moka currently works for the University of Toronto and Ryerson University as a Research and Development Specialist alongside starting her own not-for-profit T-Time Tips Productions which offers transitional health wellness and lifestyle advice.

About the Project

Moka Dawkins, in her years of advocacy for trans prison reforms, was successful in 2018 in getting policies and mandates enacted throughout Ontario provincial prison systems to provide security for trans identity expressiveness and inclusive programming. With policies now in place for allowance of trans inmates housed in opposed gender identification institutions to have access to female/male canteen items such as makeup, female/male body wash and other items, Moka plans to provide financial support to the canteens as well as create a T-Time Love Box which includes a wig and a book to incarcerated Trans inmates. Moka wants to make sure that the trans-community's mental health around their physical appearance is in safe and positive transition as they deal with their circumstances.