Nithursan Elamuhilan

It’s Neerby! | Toronto, Ontario

Born and raised in Scarborough, Nithursan Elamuhilan is a data analyst with a strong interest in the visual arts, currently exploring photography as an expressive mode of communication. Through volunteering and civic tech projects, Nithursan is interested in exploring ways of creating a positive impact in the Scarborough and Greater Toronto community. In his free time, you can find him cycling down the Waterfront Trail.

About the Project

History is always around us, through passed down oral stories, annual remembrances to commemorate the past, and more specifically – in all the lands we all live, grow and thrive on. In one of the greenest parts of Toronto – Scarborough is home to numerous city parks that each have their own unique land history. Utilizing data from city archives and community sources – this project (@itsneerby) will aim to bring history front and center for all, including utilizing Augmented Reality to display historical photos and documents right where they were taken years ago. History is all around us, ‘it’s neerby!’