Olivia Rozema

Museum Memories | Lincoln, Ontario

Olivia Rozema is the Cultural Events and Programs Administrator at the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre. Throughout her career as an artist and educator, she has worked to design inclusive, hands-on programs that that address invisible and visible barriers to engagement. She has developed inclusive programs for adults with disabilities, the low vision community, low-income seniors, and other marginalized groups. She believes that all public cultural spaces (museums, art galleries, libraries, etc.), should strive towards inclusion. Increasing access and developing workshops for all members of the community can drive positive cultural awareness about the value of equity in public spaces.

About the Project

Museum Memories is a creative arts workshop series offered free of charge to organizations that serve people with disabilities, youth facing barriers, or marginalized communities. Through hands on making the workshops will foster communication, collaboration, and visual literacy. The workshops are unique to the collection and historic buildings at the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre. Participants will engage with original and replica objects from the collection and respond to them creatively and collaboratively. This will activate the museum space, reduce social isolation, and promote a positive feeling of inclusion within the community and our collective history.