Raghad El Niwairi

Envisioning an Anti-Racist London | London, ON

Raghad El Niwairi is a Black Muslimah living in London, Ontario. She grew up watching news broadcasting as a child and was, like many others, moved by the social issues she witnessed on TV. Since then, she has committed most of her childhood and adolescence to hands-on community and advocacy work. This has led to her receiving various volunteer-based awards and to working on projects such as the InterAction Collective. Continuing her community work and advocacy she is currently the Co-founder and Director of Community Care & Consultation for the London School of Racialized Leaders.

About the Project

Given the continuous traumatic events and tragedies happening around the world and especially impacting Londoners who’ve just experienced the one year anniversary of The Our London Family tragedy, Raghad understands exactly how important it is to provide opportunities for our communities to heal together.
Through community focused events such as a BIPOC Grief and Healing session, solidarity building conversations with other racialized leaders and Indigenous solidarity training, she will prioritize free and open events that allow marginalized folks to participate, engage and feel connected in this work to their community members.