Saif Ahmed Headshot

Saif Ahmed

S.O.C.I.A.L.-Supporting Outreach and Community Involvement for Active Living | Ottawa, Ontario

As the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at NL Eats, Saif is passionate about inspiring and empowering others. He is working on projects dedicated to enhancing participatory knowledge-building and building resources needed to create equitable and inclusive spaces. With a diverse background in process engineering, data science, and project management, Saif combines his expertise to drive positive change and work on projects where sustainable agriculture and food security are prioritised. Saif's dedication lies in empowering the next generation of change-makers and building sustainable communities where everyone has access to nutritious food and an active lifestyle.

About the Project

S.O.C.I.A.L. - Supporting Outreach and Community Involvement for Active Living is an innovative project aimed at engaging citizens in the transformative world of modular hydroponic gardens. The project will involve setting up modular hydroponic gardens in accessible public spaces such as community centres. Saif envisions hosting educational workshops and interactive sessions where citizens of all ages and backgrounds can learn about sustainable agriculture, hydroponics, and the importance of environmental stewardship.