Samantha Loney Headshot

Samantha Loney

Travelling Metis | Barrie, Ontario

Samantha Loney is a Metis filmmaker and podcaster from Barrie, Ontario. She was a supervising producer on the third season of the Indigenous 150+ podcast series as well as producer of the fictional podcast Herstory the Podcast Series which was recently featured at the Victoria Arts Council's Levelling up, Breaking Down Women's Day exhibit in March of 2023. Samantha is currently in post production of the Travelling Metis podcast, a hybrid fictional/interview based podcast series that teaches about Metis culture. Samantha hopes to continue to pass down her podcasting knowledge to Metis youth in her community.

About the Project

Travelling Metis is a podcast project made by Metis youth for Metis youth. The podcast hopes to spread knowledge of Metis culture in a fun engaging way. A hybrid of fictional and interview based podcasting, Travelling Metis travels around Ontario to teach and share stories of what it means to be Metis.