Shammah Salwa Headshot

Shammah Salwa

Vermicomposting: From the Home to the Garden | Scarborough, Ontario

Shammah Salwa is a Bangladeshi-Canadian multidisciplinary artist; photographer and writer, based in Tkaronto (Toronto, Ontario). Combining documentary modes with surrealist techniques, her work engages with various environmental justice topics with a special research focus on food insecurity and food waste, and asks broader questions of how the personal or private is connected to larger systems. Salwa studied Environment/Diaspora Studies at the University of Toronto and Photography at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is a certified Enviroleader at Access Alliance and leads workshops on the vermicomposting method to repurpose household food waste.

About the Project

Vermicomposting: From the Home to the Garden will engage individuals and families to design and build their own vermicompost (worm) bin at home and collect worm castings over the course of two months in early spring. At the start of the growing season, the group will gather at a local community garden to plant seedlings and learn the benefits and uses of worm castings as an organic fertilizer.